Major General Martin Dorfer continues EUFOR LOT House visits

EUFOR retains its presence throughout BiH through teams of soldiers living in EUFOR LOT houses across the country. In the past week COMEUFOR, Major General Martin DORFER, has been continuing his visits to meet the staff of the houses and people in the local communities.

He visited the LOT houses at Zavidovici, Travnik and Zenica, all of which are run by soldiers from Turkey to find out about local projects and issues.

In cooperation with other agencies, the EUFOR LOT houses monitor the general situation in the country and are made aware of local issues that could affect the security situation. The 17 EUFOR teams provide information which is passed back to the Coordination Centre based at the Camp Butmir HQ in Sarajevo and contribute significantly towards EUFOR’s primary task of providing a safe and secure environment within BiH.

(Source: euforbih, Written by Lt Cdr Paul Clark)

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