Majlis of IC Kladanj prepared Dinner for Members of other Confessions on the Occasion of the New Hijri Year

The Majlis of the Islamic Community Kladanj organized a dinner on the occasion of the 1439 Hijri year in the premises of Hadim Ali Pasha’s mosque. This dinner gathered members of other religions with the aim to show attention to neighbors with the message that “being of another faith does not mean to be neglected.”

This dinner was also attended by Major Imam of Majlis Kladanj Asim Esmic and the Mayor of the Municipality of Kladanj Jusuf Cavkunovic. As they noted, the wealth of BiH is reflected in the fact that the neighbors have nurtured good relations in our area for centuries.

Imam Esmic said that Majlis of IC Kladanj wanted to share the blessings of the new Hijri year with their neighbors of other nationalities through this gathering of members of the other religions.

“A neighbor enjoys a special status in Islam since Islam encourages Muslims to treat their neighbors in a very thoughtful way that reflects the true spirit of Islam, which is reflected in a tolerance and attention, especially among members of other religions. There is no difference between neighbor Muslim and neighbor of other religion. Aisa, the mother of believers, said that she asked the Prophet once: “The Messenger of Allah, I have two neighbors, whom will I take a present,” and the Prophet replied: “To the one whose doors are closer to you,” without mentioning the faith,” said Imam Esmic.

He also explained that 1439 years passed since the arrival of Prophet Muhamed to Medina and the establishment of the first Muslim community and the state. Then, the first Constitution was adopted, which, as Imam Esmic said, tells to true believers and Muslims how to deal with each other, but also with their neighbors of other nationalities, for the past 14 centuries.

(Source: klix.ba)

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