Magnet Boy from BiH became an Internet Sensation (Video)

October 27, 2016 2:45 PM

boyErman Delic from village Malesici near Gracanica has become a real Internet sensation.

Due to his ability to attract metal, the five year-old reached the pages of the British media, the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror, which named him the “human magnet”.

Mirror went a step further, and compared him with the popular Marvel hero Magnet that has the ability to control magnetic fields.

Parents of the boy’s notices his ability to attract metal while he was watching TV. They took him to the doctors, but they have no explanation for this unusual phenomenon.

Erman can attract and retain spoons, forks, money and other things on his body … Although he is not the only one from BiH who has this unusual ability, little Erman became an Internet sensation.

Take a look at the video.




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