Lukavac Fair List to be held in May

tuzla fairFrom May 11 to 13, Lukavac will host the gathering of around 150 exhibitors from ten countries and a large number of visitors, from our country and the region. Traditional Tourism Fair in Lukavac again this year will be held at the same place in the sports hall at 2,000 square meters of closed and 1,500 square meters of open space. This year, for the first time, was appointed the organizing committee of the fair.

The content and offer of this jubilee 15th fair will be enriched with the segment of ecology, which represents an irreplaceable companion of tourism. The Municipality of Lukavac is planning to invest significant funds in the segment of ecology and environmental protection in the future. In this regard, the traditional fair “List” included an additional segment of ecology.

A large number of exhibitors from BiH, the region, and the world will be able to present their tourism offer and potentials to a large number of visitors.

According to past experiences, as well as organizers, this fair can be classified as one of the leading and very well organized trade fairs that are taking place in BiH. A number of participants from many countries show that this is a respectable event, which acquired the trust but also attracted the attention of many people.

“We expect exhibitors from 11 countries of the world, and some of them include Indonesia, Turkey, Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, and Hungary.”

“We wanted to attract the attention of our citizens this year and establish cooperation between companies and citizens, in order to bring down the barriers of large companies that are significantly affecting the environmental pollution and direct these barriers towards a synergy and joint movement on how to solve these problems,” said President of the Organizing committee of the fair, Aziz Cackovic.


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