Lukac: Great Arrests in the Ranks of the RS Ministry of the Internal Affairs

Dragan Lukac, the Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Republika Srpska (RS) said that the MIA will confront and clear up its ranks of dishonorable police officers and that no one will be protected from responsibility because he wears a badge and uniform, as he announced at a press conference last week on the occasion of the session of the Collegium of Ministers and the presentation of the work of the MIA for the last six months.

“The arrests we have started in our ranks will not be stoppeduntil we fully resolve the role of any member of the MIA relatedto the criminal clans that have been ravaging the region for years. Despite the fact that we were aware it would be a great shame for our police and that it would lead to negative reactions from our citizens, at no time did we think of giving up orcovering something up when it comes to the role of our members with criminal clans, ” Lukac stressed.

He stated that they have been following their contacts and connections for a long time, and he pointed out that he would not give up prosecuting any official or person who is involved in helping criminals and criminal clans.

“The message to all our citizens is that with this example weprove that the RS police have enough strength and a largenumber of honest and brave police officers who are ready to clean their ranks from the dishonest and corrupt people, and we will continue to do so no matter how painful and difficult it is because the trust and security of our citizens are above any individual, and especially the security of the RS, which must be guaranteed by the MIA of the RS,” told Minister Lukac, BHRT writes.

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