Lukac on Cooperation between Agencies for Fight against Terrorism

dragan-lukacDragan Lukac, Minister of Internal Affairs of the RS, in the light of recent events that took place in Berlin and Ankara said that their job is to analyze the security situation, on a daily basis.

“Yes, we are working on the prevention of terrorism. But it’s hard to fight it, especially against individual acts – such as this one in Turkey. No one expected a police officer to do such thing, because their job is to protect people. However, another idea prevailed.”

“If we talk in general, weapon is no longer needed to kill people. The terrorists have everything at their disposal. They need just to find a truck and to kill people,” said Lukac.

He said that in effect is the creativity of terrorists, “to kill as many people as possible in different ways.” “They are killing innocent people in the streets, shopping malls, and it is impossible to protect all the people,” said Lukac, adding that police must have a response and will have to find ways to fight it.

“There are several thousand people who are supporters of the Wahhabi-Salafi movement in BiH. However, it does not mean that those who practice Wahhabism are terrorists,” he said.

“Our agencies are working well together. We, in the Ministry of Interior, have the Directorate for Combating Terrorism, which works throughout the territory of RS, and we have tracked the movements of Wahhabi-Salafi”.

“MoI had many challenges this year. From Srebrenica, elections, referendum, opening of Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka … all these are a high-risk gatherings – and all of them have been successfully solved, our staff is cooperating with other security agencies.”

“The police is doing their job in accordance with the law. The opposition criticizes and destroys power. You will not hear the praise for the government and police from them. MoI formed Directorate for organized and serious crime. We have people who can do the job, they achieved some success already. We opened some old cases as well,” concluded Lukac.

(Source: N1)


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