Luis Garcia presented the Champions League Trophy in the City Hall

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Tournament of the Champions League trophy continued in Sarajevo yesterday. The trophy was presented in the Sarajevo City Hall and its Ambassador is Luis Garcia, former football player in Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Liverpool.

“Cooperation between UniCredit and UEFA lasts for seven seasons already. We decided to cooperate with UEFA because we operate across all continents and we believe that football connects people. I would like to wish the best of luck to the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina and I wish one of our clubs enters the Champions League one day. I am happy to see the trophy in the City Hall, and I am glad that the citizens of BiH can see the trophy that is very important on the football scene,” said Dalibor Ćubela, Director of the UniCredit Bank for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I am glad we are able to host the Champions League trophy for the second time. Apart from Sarajevo, this time we will visit Tuzla, Derventa and Bihać. We are especially happy to host young football players and children with special needs. We expect to host around 2.000 little boys during the trophy tournament in BiH,” said Gordan Pehar.

“I would like to thank UniCredit and say how happy I am to be in Sarajevo for the first time. I remember well the match against Olympiacos in the season 2004/2005 and how we came back in that difficult match. Rivaldo scored from the free kick and we had to score three goals. I think that after the third goal everyone started believing that winning the trophy is possible,” said Luis Garcia and added:

“At the time, Juventus was one of the best clubs in the world and in Europe. We knew we will play a hard game. That’s what happened. The match ended with the result of 0:0. However, we were really self-confident after scoring two goals in the first match. Semifinals were special, we played against Chelsea in the championship and in the Cup, and then in the Champions League. I think that was the best match we ever played at Anfield. The goal was scored at the beginning of the match and I think that was my most important goal. It was certainly one of our most important matches.”


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