Ludwig Kramer: Tourism has a Big Potential in B&H

KramerLudwig-Cropped-162x153Tourism is a big development potential in B&H and more concern should be dedicated to the protection of environment – stated today in Sarajevo Ludwig Kramer, German professor and leading European expert in the sector of environment rights.

Kramer held a lecture at the Law University in Sarajevo about “Applying environmental rights in the 21st century”, organized by the OSCE Mission in B&H and the Aarhus centre in B&H.

According to his words, the climate changes, air and water pollution, irresponsible waste management, loss of biodiversity, big concentration of chemicals, low resources and the way humans manage them – are the biggest threats to environment today.

“If you build a hydropower in some beautiful part of your landscape it will surely make tourists want to leave. That is why we should take care about the life quality of the next generations by taking care about the environment.” – said Kramer.

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