Lower Prices of Roaming between B&H, Macedonia and Serbia

roaming pricesMacedonia, Serbia and B&H agreed the lower prices of roaming for mobile telephony, starting from tomorrow.

Accession of Montenegro to this price reduction is expected as soon as its regulators approve the request.

As it was said from the Regulatory Agency for Communications of B&H, an Agreement on the reduction of prices of roaming in public mobile communication networks, concluded between the ministries in charge of electronic communications of B&H, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Serbia, entered into force on the day of signing, i.e. 29th September 2014.

By this agreement, signatory countries committed that the maximum prices of roaming should be reduced to the level of prices that are valid in the European Union, i.e. prices determined by the Regulation on roaming in public mobile communication networks within the European Union.

In the first phase, an appliance of following upper limit prices was provided in the signatory countries (prices are related to a transport realized within four signatory countries): outgoing calls 0.29 euro/min, incoming calls 0.08 euro/min, SMS 0.9 euro/message, data transfer/MMS 0.70 euro/MB.

Operators are obliged to agree eventual procedures or problems bilaterally with the rest of telecom operators in the signatory countries.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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