Long Columns of Vehicles recorded in the North of BiH

borderAccording to the Border Police of BiH, long columns of vehicles were recorded at the entrance in the north of our country.

At border crossings Bosanski Brod, Bosanska Gradiska, and Velika Kladusa were recorded 35 to 45 minutes long retentions. Long columns of vehicles were recorded at the exit in the south of BiH, and retention time at border crossing Doljani is up to 40 minutes. For all those who are planning to spend their holidays in Dubrovnik, it is recommended to use border crossings Cepikuce and Ivanic, and those who are traveling to Makarska Riviera and north are recommended to use border crossings Zvirici, Bijaca, Crveni Grm and Orahovlje, where retention time is much shorter.

Driving conditions on the road are favorable, and the frequency of vehicles is moderate.

Traffic in the highway A-1 operates without any problems, with the speed limit from the direction of Kakanj to Zenica due to works on the landslide on the regional road R-445.

Roads with works ongoing are main roads: M-17 Bradina-Konjic, M-4 Simin Han-Kalesija, M-4 Banja Luka Celinac, M-16 Porice-Kupres and M-6.1 Karlov Han-Kolo, as well as main roads Zivinice (M-18) and Sanski Most (M-15), as announced from BIHAMK.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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