Logosoft opened the Most Modern Data Center in BiH

logosoftThe company Logosoft yesterday officially opened their new Data Center, the most modern one in BiH, with the presentation of new features and services of Logosoft, in the club Aquarius Vils.

Logosoft Data Center is constructed in accordance with the latest technology, safety, and environmental standards. It offers high capacity for accommodation of servers and delivery of different cloud service, and includes maximum physical and online security, and technical support 24/7. Well-developed Logosoft optical infrastructure and access to services and speed up to 100 Gbps, regardless of the speed of the internet access, gives a great competitive advantage to Logosoft Data Center.

“The range of services that we are offering to our customers is fully adapted to the requirements of our clients, their needs and budget with their minimal or no initial investments. In this way, we want to enable companies of all types, from start-up companies to small, medium and large business and organizations, to focus on business that improves BiH and to let their IT to us.

With the quality of our services, simple solutions, and rapid implementation, we are fully adapted to our users, which is one of the fundamental characteristics of our business,” said Benjamin Basic, the Head of the network for infrastructure and services.

The construction of Logosoft Data Center started in mid-2016, and its reliability, security, and availability are key determinants that will be recognized by clients of business ICT solutions of Logosoft.


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