Locality of former Department Store “Razvitak” to be one of the Symbols of the City again?

Department store “Razvitak” was one of the symbols of Mostar before the war, but it was the embarrassment at the main street of Mostar and the danger for passers-by in the last decade. The Institute for Spatial Planning of Mostar created the preliminary urban project for this part of the city.

The project was created in the context of the arrangement of Brace Fejic Street, i.e. its pavement, with which that whole area would get a completely new dimension, and Mostar would get a new symbol.

“This project is intended for solving the issue of improper parking,” stated Bubalo. “This project will include the construction of an underground garage with three ground floors and a capacity of 800 vehicles. Thus, the acute problem of parking in this area would be solved.”

The next part of the project includes a large residential-business building that is designed in accordance with the most contemporary concepts.

“We paid special attention to a large number of sunny days, which would provide all the visitors with a nice garden or terrace, to enjoy everything that Mostar has to offer, with direct communication with Fejiceva Street, i.e. the old part of the town,” he noted.

“With this, our city would get a completely new functional environment in this area, and the new pride of the city,” said Salem Bubalo, the Director of the Institute for Spatial Planning of Mostar.

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