‘Ljupaf’ at Kamerni Theatre

luvThe theatre play ‘Ljupaf’, directed by American actor, director and Professor Ronald Rand, and roles by Zana Marjanović, Muhamed Hadžović and Moamer Kasumović will be performed in Kamerni Theatre on 22 November at 20:00.

‘Ljupaf’ is a story about a love triangle between two friends, the materialists Milt and his nonchalant friend Harry. They meet on a bridge by coincidence, and Milt prevents Harry from jumping into the river. They are both equally dissatisfied with their lives, and Milt concludes how he could ‘give away’ his wife to Harry, so that Milt could solve his biggest problem and continue his life with his mistress.

This comedy at Kamerni Theatre was already performed at the end of the 1960’s and was the most performed play, with more than 200 performances.


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