Ljubic: BiH is in Destabilization, we need either a Separation or an Agreement

The President of the Main Board of the Croatian National Assembly (HNS), Bozo Ljubic, spoke live on one show about the conclusions reached by the HNS on Monday.

Ljubic emphasized that there was a “discussion” at the Presidency session about what was “done” and what was “not done” regarding the Election Law.

“In the following period, we expect a more dynamic involvement of international representatives, primarily the United States (U.S.) and the European Union (EU),” said Ljubic, adding that two verdicts are basic in what the HNS wants – the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court’s ruling on Ljubic’s appeal. 

According to Ljubic, the only solution in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) when it comes to changes to the Election Law is to “return to the factory settings of Dayton” and to enable legitimate representation of all three constituent peoples in those institutions where it is not now possible.

When asked if there is a possibility for an internal political agreement on the Election Law, Ljubic stated that “unfortunately there is no agreement”.

“In this country, there are still political paradigms that we were aware of before the break-up of Yugoslavia,” noted the presidentof the HNS BiH Main Board.

When asked who is most to blame for the political crisis in BiH, Ljubic recalled the time since the end of the war, adding that “with the establishment of peace, the tendencies from the war have not stopped.”

“On the other hand, both foreigners and the international community who played anthropological engineers and Dayton are to blame as a transformative agreement,” Ljubic explained.

In BiH, he said, domination of one of the nations over the other two is not possible.

“Renowned world scientists said that it would take three to seven centuries for the peoples of BiH to assimilate… BiH is a state of three constituent peoples and a solution should be sought on that principle, following the example of developed countries such as Switzerland or Belgium,” Ljubic told.

According to him, BiH is in destabilization, and “the way out of destabilization can be either an agreement or a split”, concluded Ljubic and added that due to international factors, a split can hardly happen, so we are left with an “agreement”.


photo: Vecernji.hr

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