Livno Cheese to be the First Protected Product of BiH?

livno cheeseLivno cheese could be the first product from BiH that will be protected by the label of geographical origin, protection of originality and the traditional reputation of food. Namely, a meeting within the framework of the TAIEX Expert Mission on the topic “Protection of the label of geographical origin, originality and traditional reputation of food”, which is organized by the Agency for Food Safety in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Hercegbosanski County, was held in the premises of the PTC Forum in Livno.

Lucian Cencic, representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Slovenia said that the production of this cheese, whose history begins in 1886, meets the three main conditions for obtaining the certificate, such as the label of originality, the label of geographical origin and guaranteed traditional specialty.

“We are preparing for this moment for the central government to regulate this area, and this is an opportunity for us after a long period of time and the crisis in the market to protect the geographical origin of production of Livno cheese and dairy suppliers, and to give them position in order for their product to have the full value it deserves,” said Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry of Hercegbosanski County (HBC), Ivica Bresic.

Director of the Agency for Food Safety of BiH, Dzemil Hajric said that the Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of HBC is trying to make from brand of Livno cheese the first product in BiH that will go through the procedure of protection, first in BiH, and in the future in the European Union as well.


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