Little Boy Said from Srebrenica is a Miracle Child

May 26, 2017 7:45 AM

Said SrebrenicaSaid Sakic from Srebrenica is only two and a half years old and a real miracle child.

Teachers in the kindergarten “Proletarac” realized that Said can recognize more than sixty flags of countries from all around the world.

He still cannot pronounce names of these countries, but he has no problem with identifying their flags.

He first remembered the flag of Germany and later he was learning three flags at a time, so he knows more than 60 flags now, said teacher Jasna Avdic from his kindergarten.

Avdic said that Said often played around the map of the world, which an intern in the kindergarten noticed and showed him the flag of Germany. When Said came in the kindergarten next morning, he approached the map and showed the flag of Germany and said whose it is. Then teachers realized that Said has a great memory. Ever since then, they started to show flags of other countries as well, and Said was coming every morning and showing what he memorized, after which they created cards with flags in the kindergarten especially for him.

It is enough to tell him the name of the country once or twice and Said remembers it. He also knows the colors, symbols on the cars, and lately, he started showing interest in learning letters as well.

His father Seid says that they noticed that Said has above-average intelligence from his birth and that he can see him in the future as a geographer. As any parent, he expects the best from his child, but he will let Said to choose.

Until then, Said will play with his peers, because apart from being extremely smart, he is friendly as well.






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