Little Arslan responds positively to his Medical Treatment in Istanbul

March 6, 2018 8:45 AM

Seven months old baby Arslan Kulacic started receiving the second chemotherapy within his treatment at the Hospital “Acibadem” in Istanbul, and his doctors are satisfied with the current results of treatment.

Arslan was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which belongs to a group of primitive neuroectodermal tumours (PNET), and according to the new classification of the World Health Organization in 2016, it belongs to a group of embryonic tumours.

“First chemotherapy has been successfully completed. He had to receive antibiotics for a couple of days, but his condition was good. He also received his second chemotherapy and there are no problems. We are currently monitoring his condition without the use of any antibiotics, which are usually required because chemotherapy reduces immunity, and patients can get infections,” said Dr. Cuhadaroglu.

He also announced that Arslan will receive a third chemotherapy in the upcoming days and they will conduct detailed controls in order to determine the long-term map according to which Arslan’s treatment will be continued. The duration and type of chemotherapies depend on the results of these controls.

Dr. Cuhadaroglu stated that everyone has good relations with baby Arslan and his family and all of them are patiently waiting for results of his therapies, as well as that the entire staff is giving its maximum when it comes to Arslan’s treatment.





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