List of essential Products made for the Population that will be part of Green Corridor at Borders


Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stasa Kosarac, says that BiH has created a list of essential products for the population that will be part of the so-called green corridor at certain border crossings between CEFTA countries since the conditions were changed due to the pandemic, Fena news agency reports.

This initiative will facilitate the flow of goods between the CEFTA Parties, based on the proposal of the CEFTA Secretariat, the Regional Cooperation Council, the Transport Community, the Directorate-General for Neighborhood and Enlargement (DG NEAR) and the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs (DG TAXUD).

The aforementioned institutions recommended that CEFTA member countries draw up a list of trade measures introduced and establish a list of essential products relevant to the population and make a list of border crossings open to freight. The products from the mentioned list will be treated at certain border crossings between CEFTA countries through the so-called green corridor, which will allow for easier traffic of goods in the newly emerged situation due to the coronavirus spread.

The CEFTA Secretariat is responsible for facilitating electronic notification of the arrival of trucks carrying basic goods, by applying the necessary upgrade of the Electronic Data Interchange System (SEED) based on an agreed inventory of goods.

“Over the past four days, we have worked intensively to create a list of essential products. In cooperation with the entity ministries responsible for trade, we have established a list of essential foods, and in cooperation with the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, entity ministries of health and the Agency for medicinal products and medical devices of BiH, we have created a list of priority medicines and other medical devices. Our task is to make it easier for local businessmen, especially in this situation considering the difficult conditions that emerged due to the spread of the novel coronavirus,” said Minister Kosarac.


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