List of the Cheapest Countries for Life: In which Place is BiH?

January 3, 2017 8:00 AM

BIH8Magazine Time published a list of the cheapest countries for living, and BiH found its place on it.

Our country took 11th place on the list of 50 countries, and Time compared standards in these countries with life in New York. The four categories were compared – purchasing power in relation to the salary, the cost of renting apartments, the cost of food and transport prices, restaurants, stores, and the value of the toll services.

For BiH stated that the first category is by 40 % lower, prices of apartments for rent are almost 93 % lower, groceries more than 70 % cheaper, and the services and restaurants nearly 65 % “cheaper”.

“BiH is a European country that borders with Croatia and Serbia, and in which lives 3.9 million people. BiH has a decent purchasing power, low cost of rental apartments, food and services. In the capital city Sarajevo, for example, the combined monthly cost of renting apartments and other costs amount to about 600-700 USD (1100 to 1300 BAM),” as stated in Time magazine.

Besides BiH, at the list are also other Balkan countries including: Croatia (47), Slovenia (36), Albania (27), Montenegro (26), Serbia (18), Macedonia (10) and Kosovo in the 3rd place.

The country where the cost of living is cheapest, according to Time, is South Africa.



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