Lion in Pionirska Dolina Will Get a Lioness in Two Months

lions_in_loveIn the recreational and entertainment center Pionirska Dolina, a six-year old lioness from the zoo in Osijek, Croatia is expected to be delivered in two months, confirmed to Fena the administrator of Pionirska Dolina Esad Tajić.

‘’We selected the lioness from the zoo in Osijek. We started a procedure of obtaining permission for an entry permit, and the zoo in Osijek will work on the permit. As soon as the documents are prepared, we will deliver the lioness, and our lion, the king will get a queen by his side. We will finally round off the cycle so Sarajevo will have a small European zoo’’, said Tajić.

Administrator Tajić and veterinarian Vedad Škapur agreed to donate a lioness from this zoo after municipality Center Sarajevo gave 13.000 BAM for the transport of the lioness.

‘’We decided for the lioness from Osijek because it is closer and transport will be less stressful for her’’, said Tajić.

(Source: Fena)

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