Line of Credit for Agriculture for 100 Million KM

pšenicaThe RS Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry opened a credit line of 100 million KM in partnership with the Investment-Development Bank, in order to help agriculture’’, said Minister Stevo Mirjanić.

In Šekovići, at a thematic meeting on the development of agriculture in the region of Birač, said that the funds would be placed in primary production, processing and buying and obtaining raw materials.

“We want to take in the interests of the importers of raw materials, processors and trade. In one word, we are stimulating planning, contracting, taking over, processing and sale of our own goods in the RS, taking into account that these products will be of such quality to withstand competition’’, said Mirjanić.

At the meeting, which was attended by mayors of seven municipalities in the region of Birač and representatives of agricultural association, Mirjanić talked about the importance of agricultural association, as an important form of organization for the rapid development of agriculture.

He said that the Ministry would not cooperate with any association that does not do business according to the principles of association rules and would seek to exclude from the register of agricultural association.

“Of the 345 registered association, 127 are listed as active. Of these 127 active figures, it is said that 92 do not have agronomists. What kind of associations are these, and they want to work with agriculture producers? We offered to associations who conduct business according to these principles to receive one agronomist, and we will ensure funds for a year for the salary. Instead of immediately running to realize this, we have to search from them and assure that it is good for them’’, said Mirjanić.

Speaking on the work of agricultural associations at the municipal and state level, Mirjanić said that the resource ministry supports all associations that support the strengthening of production and cooperation with manufacturers.

Representatives of municipalities from the region of Birač said at the gathering that the problems of manufacturers in the region, above all, are weakly organized, as well as the weak the cooperation of manufacturers, uncertain placement and fragmentation of agricultural holdings and obsolete machinery.

It was concluded that it is necessary, in cooperation with resource ministries, to establish a regional strategy of development of agriculture, while taking into account what can be produced in some municipalities to avoid duplication of capacity.


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