Would you Like to Visit Ottoman Sarajevo? Here are the Amazing Sites

carevaCareva or Emperor’s mosque

Veritable centre of Old Sarajevo, the place this mosque from 1566 occupies once held the original mosque from 1457 that was placed next to the saraj (court), as well as a caravan sarai (resting place for travelers), han(inn), shops, a hamam (bath) and tekija(Moslem monastery).The mosque has a beautifully arcaded square in front of the entrance, which serves to accommodate large numbers of mosque-goers. Clock tower Having to pray five times a day meant that good Muslims needed to know the time. Throughout the Ottoman empire, towers with public clocks were constructed for this purpose, and Sarajevo‘s beautiful tower originally dates from the mid-17th century, with a clock brought the ruby traders from London. The tower cannot be visited, but it is admired best from the courtyard of the Aeroplan restaurant.

Gazi Husrev-begs mosque

This magnificent mosquein the heart of Bascarsija is the most important Islamic building in Bosnia. Gazi Husrev-beg had it constructed by aPersian architect in an early Istanbul style, in 1531. The 45m-high minaret towers over the 26m-high dome and the surrounding area. The grounds include an abdest hana(washing room), a wooden sadrvan (fountain), a mekteb(primary school) and muvekithana (prayer callers‘ home). To the left are two elaborate 16thcentury turbe (tombs). Konak The large red house in the enclosed garden behind the Careva mosque was the official residence of the Ottoman rulers of Bosnia, and also the place where the heavily wounded Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were brought (and died) after the terrorist attacks.

Kursumlija medresa

This secondary Muslim school (from 1537) was officially named the Seldzuka medresa, after Gazi Husrev-beg‘s mother, but was known as the Kursumlija (lead) because of the leaden roof. Enter the courtyard opposite the mosque though one of two entrances. You can get a peek at the interior when the building is used for expositions.


by Aloha Dean


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