Level of Rivers in BiH in decline, No Flood Threats

All water levels in BiH are currently in decline.

Therefore, the level of Una River in Bihac declined to only 39 centimetres and it is in further decline, as well as the level of Sana River in Sanski Most whose current level is 121 centimetres.

The level of Miljacka River in Sarajevo (Cumurija) is also in decline, and it is currently 92 centimetres.

The level of Bosna River in Reljevo is 138 centimeters and it is in decline at the moment, while in Zenica it is 118 centimeters.

The level of Jala River in Tuzla is in the state of stagnation and it is 56 centimeters.

(Source: focus.ba)




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