Let’s help a Boy from Zenica who did not eat for three Days

March 8, 2018 1:15 PM

In the TV show “Fulfil my wish” that is broadcasted on Hayat TV, little boy Alen from Zenica stated that he did not eat “today, yesterday, and the day before”. I am handling this the best way I can. What can I tell you? My mom is very ill, she is suffering from many diseases. She is not well. She is often resting, taking her medicines. She has a bag full of medicines. Believe me, it is very hard. Good people and neighbours help us a lot. That is how we survive. We do not have any income, my brother earns something from time to time. I help some people and they usually give me something. I am good at school, I had all A’s, and there is one C now, but I will correct it,” he said.

His father passed away 40 days ago, and his mother is very ill. She was the one who signed up for the show “Fulfil my wish”.

“Life is hard, my children are hungry and there is no one to bring them at least a bread. I have two children and no one else, I cannot watch my children starving,” she said.

Everyone who wants to help this little boy and his family can visit them at the adress Odmut 9 or call his mother, Azra Fatic, at 0038762371578.

(Source: modnikutak.net)



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