“Let’s do It-Clean the Country in One Day” starts Tomorrow

Organized by Let’s Do It of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Olympic Committee of BiH, and on the occasion of the World Cleaning Day, on Saturday at 30 locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, cleaning actions called “Let’s Do It – clean the country in 1 day” will be realized. 

Every year in September, a day dedicated to the cleaning of the planet Earth is celebrated, which has grown into a large global environmental movement called “World Cleansing Day”, which brings together 180 countries. 

One of the countries where the World Cleaning Day is celebrated on September 18, 2021, is Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the official organizer of these actions in our country is the Let’s Do It team.

At today’s press conference held in Sarajevo, the plan for this year’s celebration of the World Cleaning Day was presented, ie the cleaning actions that will be realized on Saturday at a total of 30 locations across the country. 

Nejra Sehic, PR of the Let’s Let’s It BiH team, emphasizes that the goal of World Cleaning Day is not only cleaning, not only clean parks, beaches, forests and streets, but raising awareness and pointing out the problem of waste, as well as the urgency of solving it. 

“This project seeks to unite activists and leaders from all countries who will participate in the World Cleaning Day, including BiH, in order to find solutions for a common and clean future on our planet in the future,” says Sehic, adding that this project also has the message that the power of ordinary people is great, and that if they unite together they can do a lot.

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