Lejla Bevrnja from Bugojno makes useful and fun Things for Children

An interesting exhibition of handicrafts was organized in the Art Gallery of the Cultural and Sport Center in Bugojno by the 34-year-old Lejla Bevrnja, which is held as part of the Day of the Municipality.

Her wish was to show to her fellow citizens what she was doing and to give her own contribution to one of the most important dates in the history of her hometown.

Moreover, she wanted to show all young people that if they really want it, they can find a source of income for their family, and not to wait for someone else to find them a job.

He added that birthdays matching sets for mothers and children, skirts and t-shirts with numbers, and sets for some special occasions are much requested lately.

”I am trying really hard to adapt all the things I do to the children. I use pure cotton and wood that is not treated at all as a material for the things that I make. So there is no added colour or any materials that would be harmful to children,” said this young and hardworking woman.

She noted that she is trying to combine quality with something that would be useful for children and for the entire local community as well.

“This is a way to move children away from phones and computers and to give them a childhood that they will remember,” she noted.

She admitted that in her country, surrounded by her closest people and those who recognized her creativity, she would love to achieve her goal, and that is to develop this business in the future.

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