Legal Battle for Bosnian Language begins in RS

13535661_1789464311290245_452871945_nThe meeting of parents of Bosniak children from the area of Central Podrinje in the RS where the use of the Bosnian language is challenged, will be organized on the 3rd of July in Zvornik, when will start a legal battle against the education system in this entity which prevents children’s right to call their own language as Bosnian language.

This was confirmed by Nedim Civic, representative of parents of Bosniak children from Zvornik and member of the National Assembly of RS, adding that the meeting should be attended by parents from Janja, Bijeljina, Zvornik, Osmaci, Srebrenica, Bratunac and other places, when the following steps in the fight for the Bosnian language should be agreed.

Civic emphasized that a meeting with legal counsel of parents and children of Bosniaks Nedim Ademovic, who is a representative of the parents from the Konjevic Polje, was held and he announced that parents will most likely submit collective lawsuit against this entity institutions.

However, Civic expects that there will be no success on the courts of the RS, but he argued that this will open the possibility to continue the legal battle in the Constitutional Court of BiH, adding that they expect legal protection from the state of BiH.

Civic argues that this attitude of the RS is an attempt to abolish the name of the language, adding that if this happens then the languages of other nations will be called the language of Serbian and the language of the Croatian people.

“We are aware that this is a political issue, and we will enter into long-term legal battle for sure, but the fight for the right of Bosniaks parents is the fight to decide how we will call our language, and it is actually a struggle for Serbian and Croatian language as well,” explained Civic.

He invited all citizens, regardless of their religion, nationality or political commitment, to help to one of the three constituent peoples of the RS.

He believes that government institutions should be included in the process, with the aim of protecting human rights in the Republika Srpska, emphasizing that in this battle, they will only use democratic means to the ultimate goal, which is that in the booklets and testimonies writes Bosnian language and not the “language of the Bosniak people.”

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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