He left his Home in Belgium to live in BiH: I fell in love with This Country

ScherpereelThe number of tourists who chose BiH for their vacation is growing every year, but there is a lot of people from other countries who come to live here and enjoy the beauty of our country.

One of them is Jelle Scherpereel, who is originally from Belgium, and who fell in love with the natural beauty of BiH during several humanitarian missions in the country. His visits started from 2001 when Scherpereel started to love the people who are living in BiH, their customs, and nature, which ultimately led to him moving out to BiH, as reported by DW.

“I first came as humanitarian in BiH, and I stayed there longer and longer every year until I finally fell in love with Bosnia. I moved here because of its natural beauty and sport, which is why I go around this beautiful nature with the bike every day,” told Scherpereel.

He explains how quickly he accepted the way of life of the local people, who are much more social than anywhere else in Europe.

“I got used to the hospitality of people here and their way of life, it’s a bit different than Belgium, we can talk about it for a long time, but it is mostly positive, they are sociable, open and their hospitality is remarkable, which is not the case with us. I like to drive through the mountains, Prenj, Visocica, Bjelasnica, the higher the peaks the better, and I visit Herzegovina in the winter, everything here is so beautiful,” noted this Belgian.

Thanks to his recommendations, an increasing number of citizens of Belgium, his friends, are coming to BiH, in order to get to know it a bit better.

“I especially like the nature, but there are a lot of things more, like people and culture. I talk about this to my friends from Belgium, who visited Blagaj and they were delighted, because they do not know anything about BiH in the beginning, but once they get to know it, they enjoy its beauty,” concluded Scherpereel.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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