Lee Yohn: The First Thing I Would Brand in B&H is Coffee

deniseDenise Lee Yohn, the leading expert in branding in the world,  held a lecture on “The creation of strong brands in the food sector” at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo.

The main goal of one such lecture is to improve the functions of marketing and branding of the companies in the sector of food production and processing in B&H.

Combining 25 years of experience and a talent to inspire the audience, Denise Lee Yohn is a leading authority and name in building the world’s top brands. She is responsible for creating and managing major global brands such as Sony, Frito-Lay, Burger King, and Oakley. An influential writer and expert on brands, she encourages the readers to think differently about building the brands. With her experience and approach she brings a number of inspiring workshops and presentations to all the business industries.

Denise Lee Yohn said that the first thing she would brand in B&H is coffee, given that she tasted the real Bosnian coffee and said it tastes great.

The benefits that consumers may have of brands is that there is a better choice and more brands from which to choose from, and in this way one can get to higher quality products, therefore the future of a brand depends on the choice of the consumers.

When talking about the benefits of brands, what should be mentioned is that when you have a brand that is recognized, then people are more willing to pay for the products of that brand, thus there is the financial benefit for the producers, then the lower cost of production, the bigger the brand, the easier it is to get to favorable production. In addition, you can attract quality workforce, because if your products are well-known people want to work for you’’, said Denise Lee Yohn.

The lecture was organized by the Branding conference in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo, the marketing agency Luna and the MarketMakers project supported by the Government of Switzerland.

(Source: nap.ba)

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