Leading domestic Bank being formed on the BiH Market?

Banks zenicablogAfter the status change of the merging of Moja Banka JSC Sarajevo with the Investment Commercial Bank JSC Zenica was implemented yesterday, a strong, stable and secure domestic bank, a member of ASA Prevent Group, is entering the BiH banking market as of today.

“Behind us is a tough period in which we managed to complete all formal legal procedures and obtain permits for merging Moja banka with the IK Bank. We are proud of the achieved result, thanks to which we are becoming the leading domestic bank in FBiH, with more than 400 million of assets, behind which is the largest business system and 20 years of tradition in successful business,” said Samir Mustafić, director of IK Bank, adding that precisely thanks to domestic capital and belonging to a strong economic system this bank understands the needs and issues of BiH citizens the best.

“In the upcoming period, we will be support and partner to our clients, offering them quality services with the focus on development of domestic economy,” Mustafić said.

ASA Prevent Group hires 7.000 employees in BiH and with continuous investments in new projects it sets the foundations to the development of BiH economy. Precisely the strategic decision for the construction of a strong domestic bank confirmed the commitments and entrepreneurship visions of the Group. Merger of Moja banka and IK Bank expanded the network of offices and ATMs, thus enabling the clients more additional services and products that will be available on the market in the upcoming period.

“We will be innovative, offer new products and services for all clients, while following challenges of the modern age and digital technology. In order to ensure that the entire merger process goes without any consequences for our clients, all branches will continue their regular business activities as of August 3,” stated the IK Bank.


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