Leading Designer of the famous Opel is Nedzad Mujcinovic from BiH

nedzad mujcinovicNedzad Mujcinovic is one of the leading designers in the German automotive corporation Opel. This thirty-three years old auto-designer was born is Zvornik and he always knew what he wants and how to achieve it in life.

When did you start loving mechanics, engineering, design, and how did you consolidate all of them through education?

“My love for mechanics and engineering is going way back – from birth since my father was a passionate engineer outside of work, and when it comes to my love for car design – I have been interested in cars from as early as I can remember and I always tried to sketch them. When I was 13 or 14 years old, I have realized that it can be my profession and I persisted on it ever since. Mathematics and Arts have always been my favorite subjects in the school. I completed a double studies program – Mechanical Engineering (Structural) and Industrial Design (Transportation) on “Monash University” in Melbourne.

You are currently working for Opel, many people are dreaming of working for such a company, what is your job at Opel and how does it feel?

“I work as a creative person, as Lead Exterior Designer – for seven years. I’m currently one of ten exterior designers that are responsible for all Opel vehicles. My work starts from the first line that I draw on paper and lasts until the first car is produced. That requires a lot of effort with yourself, sculptors and engineers. I have fulfilled my professional dream and I have that privilege to live it every day.

How much time do you have to visit your homeland, do you come to visit Zvornik and Podrinje?

“Yes, I visit BiH once or twice a year. I am always in Zvornik, where I visit relatives and the graves of my family.


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