Lawyer Feraget comments Verdict in contraversial Murder of Dzenan Memic

”This is only buying of time, there will be a verdict of acquittal once again, ” said Muriz Memic’s lawyer, Ifet Feraget.

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) partially upheld the appeal of the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) against the verdict of acquittal of the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo in the case against Ljubo and Bekrija Seferovic.

The verdict was abolished and a search was ordered at the FBiH Supreme Court.

Feraget told that the pressure by BiH Prosecutor’s Office is increased and it is being worked on cases. In a way, all of this is interesting but I believe it is set up.

“In all of this, I only feel sorry for Muriz, and I repeat, the decision will be the same,” he stated.

To recall, Dzenan Memic was killed in February 2016. Along with him, in the Ilidza Big Alley, there was his girlfriend Alisa Mutap. As a result of his injuries, the young man died at the Sarajevo University Clinical Center seven days later.

Ljubo Seferovic and his father Bekrija were accused of causing a traffic accident in which a young man was killed, and they were accused of failing to provide help to a person injured in a traffic accident and preventing evidence. However, Dzenan Memic’s family was not satisfied with the development of the situation, and they pointed out many times, as they claim, that there are numerous irregularities in this case.

Namely, the Memic family claims from the very beginning that Dženan was killed and that the CS Prosecutor’s Office, together with the former Chief Prosecutor Dalida Burzic, filed a false indictment for a traffic accident. This is the reason why the father of the young man, Muriz Memic, filed a criminal complaint to the State Prosecutor’s Office, which opened an investigation into organized crime in the Memic case after 11 months.

At the end of February this year, the Court of BiH accepted the Prosecution’s proposal to extend the custody of Zijad Mutap and Hasan Dupovac.

Dupovac and Mutap, the father of Alisa Mutap, who was together with Dzenan Memic on the night of the murder, were arrested on February 1st.

The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) then searched two facilities in Hadzici and Ilidza and seized items that could serve as evidence.

After the search, SIPA members arrested Hasan Dupovac, former head of the Department for Traffic Investigations of the CS Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Zijad Mutap, the father of Alisa Mutap, who was with Dzenan Memic on the night of February 8th, 2016, when he got injuries that caused his death on February 15th.


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