Law on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest in the Institutions of Brcko District adopted

Brčko Supervisor Michael Scanlan welcomes the adoption of the Law on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest in the Institutions of Brčko District of BiH. It is an important step towards enshrining good governance practices in the District. This will accelerate reforms, help ensure the responsible expenditure of public funds, and establish a welcoming environment for private sector investment – all essential building blocks to a better future for the citizens in the District.

The District authorities need now to move swiftly on adopting the necessary bylaws and creating impeccable conditions for the work of the Commission for assessing conflict of interest to start as soon as possible. This includes the appointment of non-partisan experts so that the Commission can do its job professionally and without any political influence.

The law establishes clear guidelines, an asset declaration and verification process, reporting requirements, and sanctions to ensure that public officeholders carry out their activities in line with the public’s interest and not their personal interests. Thus, in the months ahead we should see the Government and the Assembly take steps to improve the life of the community – from adopting e-services like electronic healthcare cards to attracting new private sector investments that create good-paying jobs.

This Law also should facilitate at long last the decision to streamline the District’s extremely large public administration. This will redirect public funds to capital projects like the swimming pool, the stadium and a new bridge that benefit the entire community, added the Supervisor.

At the same time, the Supervisor notes that this Law is but one tool, be it an important tool, to promote the public good and stamp out corruption. The Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, the local media, civil society, the political opposition, and every citizen must participate in helping the District’s elected officials and public servants remain focused on serving the public good.

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