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The latest Information on the Future of Branding in the focus of 4th Sarajevo Marketing Summit

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The latest information on the future of marketing and branding were in the focus of the presentation to the participants of the 4th Sarajevo Marketing Summit here on Thursday afternoon, local media reported Thursday.

The introductory session of the Summit explained how the ever-increasing competitions, digital transformations, and innovation speed challenge the employees worldwide, but in the same way, they present an opportunity for marketers to reach more consumers.

The constant shifts at the global market, the complex way of doing business and the challenges of the modern market communication have made marketers aware of the complexities they are faced in the modern world.

“The Sarajevo Marketing Summit has the aim to encourage us in thinking of different business making, to ease the integration into the modern economy and marketing and to enable us to adopt the new knowledge together,” Samira Muratovic, an organizer, said at the opening session.

The main aim of the summit was to answer the questions of how the most successful marketers in BiH have succeeded, what can be learned from their stories and how to raise the brand to a higher level.

During the summit, managers, businessmen and marketers listened to the inspirational speech by the key speaker Christian Majgaard, the creator of Legoland and the most successful global director of Lego. Majgaard explained how he is the most responsible person to change LEGO from a low tech plastic toy to a twenty-first century brand of children toys.

“Strong brands are derived from the strategic determinants which make the clear picture of the value that is needed to be delivered to a buyer,” Majgaard explained.

Held for the first time in 2014, Sarajevo Marketing Summit is a conference where leading experts from the world of business and marketing meet to share new knowledge, ideas and improve their brands.

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