Larisa ceric won Bronze Medal at Masters in China

The best BH judoka Larisa Ceric won third place at Masters in China. Ceric finished a very good season with winning of bronze medal at Masters held in Guangzhaou City in China.

Masters is part of the World Tour where 16 best on the planet in each of the weight categories take participation. “This is surely another dream season for our sports heroin, and Larisa has won the third medal at this most prestigious competition.

Earlier, she won silver at the European championship and bronze at the World Championship, as well as the first place at Grand Slam, and this is really a season that Larisa is proud of,” was stated from the Judo Federation BiH.

Once again, it was confirmed that judo ic the most intense Olympic sports in BiH and our heroine Larisa Cerić also verified the epithet of the best athletes ever in BiH.


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