The largest regional Center for Paintball and Airsoft to be constructed at Igman Mountain

February 2, 2018 12:30 PM

The largest regional center for paintball and airsoft will be constructed on the Olympic mountain Igman, near the ice rink, on a surface of almost 150 000 square meters.

Besides the development of tourism, the center will promote sport through the organization of tournaments as well, which is great for team building, socializing and entertainment full of adrenaline.

Paintball and airsoft have been recognized as the best anti-stress games as well as the most requested corporate game in the team building activities. Millions of women and men simply enjoy to play them. Many companies use them to help their employees relax from usual stress that is caused by hard work, to get to know each other better and improve their team spirit that can be easily transferred from the paintball field into the business environment, and thus improve the business operation of the company. It was proved that the team, after a quality team building, is stronger, better connected and ready to achieve some new work victories.

The center will be available for Team Building, but it can be used by all physical persons who apply for membership. The center has already prepared special discounts for all individuals who become members until February 15.

The initiator of the project, Adis Alihodzic, believes that this support will be increased and he invited all companies to participate in a special tournament that will be organized for the very first time in BiH. It is a competition with other (competing) companies in airsoft and paintball.

The tournament will take place in May, and the process of registration has already started on the following LINK, where a profile will be created for every participant.

“Visitors are expected from the entire region and abroad, as well as BiH, around 20,000 people a year. Besides adrenaline and sports contents and children’s facilities, WAR ZONE Center offers the opportunity of enjoying the natural beauty of the Igman Mountain as well,” explained Alihodzic.




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