Large Number of Tourists and Guests visiting B&H Pyramids

piramida-suncaDespite the bad weather in Visoko over the past few days, the work at the Foundation “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” are progressing with the foreseen tempo, and today was the day for interesting visits.

The Federal Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Erdal Trhulj visited the locations around Visoko and was fascinated with what he saw.

“I thank Semir Osmanagić for what he does, and he is doing a lot for B&H and it is necessary that people in B&H, and in the world to learn more about this project. Also, I will do everything to promote this project, not only in government but also in institutions and companies, and we have possibilities to support this project”, said the Minister Trhulj.

Also, at the visit participated the Head of the Clinic for lung diseases of the Clinical Center of Sarajevo Hasan Žutić and the Professor of Faculty of Medicine and President of the Academy of Medical Sciences of B&H Izet Mašić.

“When I was first time here, 7-8 years ago, I gave my full support to this project. Back then Semir came up with the idea that it was very difficult to think about”, but now is going well and has a lot of relevant scientific evidence and in this way has convinced many people. This project needs to be supported because it is no longer a project of Visoko, nor cantonal or B&H project. This is an international project, and I think that Semir Osmanagić and his team will succeed in their intentions”, said Professor Izet Mašić.

 (Source: Dnevni avaz)

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