A large Number of Capital Projects in the Draft Budget for 2018

Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Elmedin Konakovic assessed that the Draft Budget for 2018, which is amounting to a total of 757,255,600 BAM, will include more capital projects in comparison to previous years.

“The Budget for 2018 is social as well because we have a lot of legal obligations towards our social categories, such as war veterans, pregnant women, and socially vulnerable citizens, and we allocate a lot of money for them,” said PM Konakovic.

As Prime Minister Konakovic stated, investments will include transport infrastructure, reconstruction of the water supply network, resolving current problems in GRAS and reducing the unemployment.

He noted that they showed that they are committed to increasing the volume of investments of capital importance with the rebalance of the budget for 2017.

“After two and a half years of hard work, we have confirmed that Canton is stable and it is developing very well,” stated Prime Minister Konakovic.

The amount of 1.060.000 BAM is planned for the procurement of equipment for the PI Healthcare Center of Canton Sarajevo, and 1.000.000 BAM will be allocated for the equipment for the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo and the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakas”.

For the construction of the University Library is planned the amount of 1,500,000 BAM, while another 1,100,000 BAM is planned for the procurement of equipment for the implementation of the project “Electronic Journal”.

For capital transfers for the projects of construction and reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage network to other levels of government was allocated a total of 3.354.000 BAM, while 3.000.000 BAM is planned for the reconstruction of the PUC VIK.

(Source: klix.ba)


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