A large Mast with a Flag above Sarajevo soon?

The City Administration of Sarajevo recently announced a tender for the procurement and placement of a mast on the Hum hill in Sarajevo.

The decision on the tender was canceled due to fact that no bids were submitted within the specified deadline. The tender was declared on October 11th , 2017, and the deadline for applications expired on October 23rd . The Public Procurement Commission wrote a record, and made a decision to cancel the procedure – considering that no bids were received within the specified deadline. The cancellation decision was confirmed by Mayor Abdulah Skaka.

The City Administration of Sarajevo has confirmed to N1 that the rebalance budget is planned for building a mast with the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The national symbol of BiH should be placed in the immediate nearness of the relay on the Hum Hill in Sarajevo at a height of 30 meters.

The flag of BiH, with measures of 6×12 meters, would be placed as a mast.

Also, it was confirmed to N1, that nine companies took the tender documentation, but neither of them mentioned the construction.

In a short conversation, it was told to N1 that the City of Sarajevo would do additional processes to bring this project to an end, and put the BiH flag on the mast on November 25th , on Statehood Day of BiH.


(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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