Large Chinese Investors interested in Herzegovinian Stone

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Sarovic visited the production plants of the company “Kremnice”, which is specialized in processing natural stone, during his visit to the municipalities of Berkovici and Ljubinje.

This is a company that is engaged in processing Herzegovinian stone and exporting it to China, and they have the tendency of further growth and even greater employment of the local population.

“It seems unrealistic that stone from Herzegovina is exported to distant China, and a total of 70 containers are shipped every month over the Port Ploce. Moreover, we will export much more soon,” stated Minister Sarovic during his visit and noted that the Chinese side is very interested in the stone from Berkovici.

“Four new investors contacted us, and there are open negotiations for four new plants,” stated Sarovic, adding that new investments are also enabled through open investment lines of China + 16 and “One Belt, One Road”.

The company “Kremnice” represents a 100 % Chinese investment, the only one in this part of the RS, and its value amounts to over 4 million BAM and its entire production is exported to the market of China. The company has 58 workers at the moment, mostly locals.




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