Laktaški ‘Integral Engineering’ is Building a Tunnel in Slovenia

tunelThe building company ‘Integral Engineering’ from Laktaški received a job to build the tunnel Škofja Loka in Slovenia.

According to the Director of ‘Integral Engineering’ Slobodan Stanković, it is expected that an agreement for the construction of the tunnel would be signed in one month.

“This job means a lot for Integral because it would extend a reference to tunnels. In addition, this is proof for us to move forward with our successful work and we will show up at bids wherever there is a need for the construction of a tunnel’’, said Stanković, and stressed that experience from years ago would help them in the construction of this tunnel.

He recalled that two months ago ‘Integral Engineering’ received a job in Slovenia worth 9 million Euros for the construction of the bypass Murska Sobota, and added that the company does jobs in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

We have our own business units in all of these countries and we receive a good insight into all bids through them. We receive huge jobs in the region and we can be competitive with big construction companies’’, said Stanković.


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