Laboratory for Chemical and Thermal Analysis of Ammunition opened

On Thursday 19th July COMEUFOR, Major General Dorfer, attended the official opening ceremony of the Laboratory for Chemical and Thermal Analysis of Ammunition in TROM Doboj as part of the SAFE-UP project.

Since 2013 International Partners have worked hard to support, in a coordinated effort with the Ministry of Defence and the AFBiH, to establish an ammunition life cycle management system.

For the first time the AFBiH will be able to conduct chemical and thermal analysis of ammunition on a larger scale. The generated results will have a significant input to the safety and security of ammunition storage, handling and disposal activities.

General Dorfer said:

“This laboratory is a result of great international cooperation between OSCE, MoD, AFBiH and the EUFOR Mobile Training Team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved partners and to reaffirm the further commitment of EUFOR to this very important task.”

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