Kuwait underlined the Importance for all Parties in BiH to ensure Unity and Stability

Kuwait underlined the importance for all parties in Bosnia-Herzegovina to ensure the unity, stability and territorial integrity of the country through the respect of its national constitution and judiciary.

In a speech on the country’s state of affairs, Kuwait’s representative at the United Nations called on factions there to ensure the implementation of the Dayton peace accord and relevant Security Council resolutions.

Putting an end to its three-and-a-half-year war, Talal Al-Fassam said the agreement remains the “foundation” for Bosnia-Herzegovina’s institutional stability and sustained peace.

On this, he commended the country’s various ethnic communities, led by the European Union, for their efforts in attaining stability.

He also welcomed positive developments assumed by the country in advancing on some of its Euro-Atlantic integration commitments and its adoption of tax laws that have led to the completion of the IMF review.

These accomplishments will undoubtedly reflect positively on its security and stability, and support the necessary reforms for European integration, he suggested.

In the meantime, Al-Fassam expressed Kuwait’s anxiety regarding the continued escalation of provocative rhetoric and divisive statements, urging politicians to uphold the people’s national interests above all other considerations.

Adopting a “narrow” focus on the interests of one ethnic minority over the other “undermines the opportunity for progress and stability,” he said.

Therefore, he urged political parties to form a government and ministerial council as quickly as possible, and for the parliament to adopt laws enabling the judiciary to tackle organized crime, corruption and fundamentalism, KUNA reports.

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