Kušljugić welcomed the non-resident Ambassador of Moldova

The Chairman of the Commission for Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives of the Parliament Assembly of B&H Mirza Kušljugić talked today with the non-resident Ambassador of Moldova to B&H, Alexandru Codreanu.

During this meeting they emphasized that an intensified connection of the Parliaments and the collaboration within international organizations, firstly in the South-East region of Europe but also in a wider area would be essential for an intensified connection between B&H and Moldova.

They also talked about the introduction of a no-visa regime between B&H and Moldova with which the communication between citizens of both countries would be facilitated and new opportunities for business would also be opened.

According to Ambassador Codreanu, there are talks about opening an Embassy in Sarajevo, which again would be another step towards the aim of establishing a better connection between two friendly countries.


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