Kurz: Austria supports Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty of BiH

“For Austria, the Western Balkans region is not only the focus of the presidency over the European Union, but it has been main part of our foreign and European policy for years as well,” said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Kurz believes that they need to take a more active role in the Western Balkan countries during their presidency, and that refers to BiH as well.

“The Western Balkans region is among the five priorities of Austria during the six-month long presidency over the EU,” noted Kurz, and added that he knows BiH and the region very well and that he visited BiH numerous times.

“Austria supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH. Thus, we are clearly advocating for the EU perspective for the entire region on the basis of individual progress of certain countries,” said Kurz.

Talking about BiH, Kurz stated that there is a clear prospect of accession for a sovereign state. At the same time, he noted that they support reform efforts, especially in the field of rule of law, the fight against corruption and reform of the Law on Elections, which are of particular significance on the path to the EU.

“BiH should not lose its connection with numerous other countries,” said Kurz.

During the Austrian presidency over the EU, Kurz stated that they will work hard on making clear progress.

“Austria is ready to support Western Balkan countries in their struggle with illegal migrants and smuggling as well,” stated Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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