Kraš to move a Part of its Production to Prijedor?

mira-prijedorDespite the difficult situation in the past year, the manufacturer of cookies and waffles “Mira” from Prijedor ends the year positively because the income of the company exceeded ten million EUR, while the profit amounted to around 400.000 EUR. They have over 400 employees and they produce around 20 tons of cookies, waffles and other confectionery products daily.

As of 2013 Mira is owned by the company Kraš. This company enabled the placement of the majority of Mira’s products on the market under the well-positioned brand Kraš. Kraš also invested a part of last year’s profit in the purchase of a new machine for preparation of waffles for export to the Saudi Arabia, which are produced precisely for that market. In addition to countries of the region, they also export to Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and seven other countries outside of Europe.

This company is preparing for the accession of Croatia to the EU, where there is a possibility for the company in Prijedor to take over a part of production from Croatian plants.


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