Kozara: Beauty from Krajina on the List of National Parks for 50 years

kozaraKozara is often called “the beauty of Krajina ” because of its dense complexes of coniferous and deciduous forests, caves, waterfalls, water springs, clear streams and extremely rich plant and animal life.

Low, island mountain – located between the Pannonian Basin in the north and the Dinarides in the south, bordered by the rivers the Sava, Una, and Vrbas – this year celebrates special jubilee – half a century since Kozara was included on the list of national parks back in 1967.

Before the last war, the National Park Kozara was known only after NOB and famous battles of World War II, but after the introduction of a number of contents, its image significantly changed.

The highest point of the National Park Kozara – which is located on Gola mountain – 876 meters, while Mrakovica is at 806 meters above sea level.

Natasa Pjevic, head of planning and analysis of NP Kozara, stated that the area of the national park was established for the protection of cultural, historical and natural values and that the area of the park is slightly smaller than 4,000 hectares.

In the National Park Kozara, guests can stay in a hotel, motel, bungalows and mountain cabins. Visitors can enjoy in a total of 900 plant species or autochthonous fauna. Around 88 % of the area of Kozara is covered by forest, mostly mixed beech and fir.

Dragan Romcevic, the director of the National Park Kozara, stated that they are recording an increasing number of visitors every year. However, these are mostly guests who are staying for only one day on Kozara, but anyway – last year they achieved a record number of visitors (a total of 103,000). They are planning to build an adventure park for children and adults this year.

“If we talk about nature, then we are primarily talking about forests, which are an example of vitality and health here. If we talk about the animal world, we have to talk about the presence of mammals, and although we do not have bears, lynx, and chamois here, we do have wolf in passing, wild pig, and deer. We have to mention the great number of amphibians, reptiles, and butterflies as well, and we will further discuss these species in the future. When it comes to plant species on Kozara there are 900 of them, and for example, the entire England has a total of 1,600 plant species,” said Romcevic.

Prices of tickets to the National Park Kozara is 2 BAM for adults and 1 BAM for children. The ticket is actually a contribution to the protection, preservation, and promotion of the national park.



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