Kosovo PM Haradinaj speaks about Relations with China and BiH

Thinking that by not recognizing our independence only Kosovo loses, is a big mistake. This is what Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj told in an interview Sarajevo-based daily Avaz noting that Kosovo has better relations with China than with neighboring Bosnia.

“Our citizens travel to China, and Chinese authorities recognize our passports, they even have their liaison office in Pristina. And if we stick to this approach, Kosovo has better relations with China which is far away than neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said PM Haradinaj. He said that not much time is left for Serbia to recognize the reality that Kosovo is an independent and European country, oriented towards the European Union and NATO. Haradinaj expressed his readiness to officially pay a visit to Sarajevo.  Bosnia and Herzegovina has not recognized Kosovo’s independence and Bosnian authorities have a visa regime with Kosovo.

(Source: gazzetaexpress)

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