Korićanske stijene: 200 red Roses for 200 brutally Killed Camp Detainees

Koricanske stijeneTwo hundred roses were thrown yesterday from the cliff at the locality of Korićanske stijene on the Vlašić mountain, where at least 200 Bosniak and Croat men were executed on August 21, 1992.

The men, who were previously detained in camps in Prijedor, were lined at Korićanske stijene by the members of the intervention squad of the former police of Republika Srpska from Prijedor under the pretext of exchanging. After ordering them to kneel, the police officers shot them in the back, after which their bodies fell into the 300-meter-deep pit.

At this execution site, families of the killed, survivors and members of the Association of Camp Detainees in BiH prayed and paid tribute to the victims yesterday.

One of the camp detainees who survived the crime is Sabahudin Garibović, President of the Regional association of camp detainees Banja Luka.

Remembering that day, Garibović said that the column of buses with camp detainees headed off from Prijedor towards Vlašić, under the pretext of exchange and followed by the local police. Garibović is one of 22 camp detainees who did not leave the bus.

Remains of 80 killed camp detainees have not been found to this day, reminded Jasmin Mešković, President of the Association of Camp Detainees in BiH. He said that truth about remains of the killed at Korićanske stijene must be revealed, so that the families could find their peace.

After the bodies of camp detainees fell into the pit, members of the intervention squad of the police of RS continued shooting them and throwing bombs, so that no one would survive. Twelve people survived the massacre and their testimonies contributed to the punishing of some of the responsible ones. They helped record the truth about this crime.

It is still being searched for 80 percent of remains, because bodies of the killed camp detainees were transported and buried at other localities, which is testified by recordings of the Service for Public Safety Prijedor from September 4, 1992. However, those responsible for this crime and those who participated in the transportation of bodies (members of the police of RS and civil protection from Skender Vakuf) are still silent about the location of the bodies.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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