“Konzum“ celebrated 10th Anniversary

Konzum anniversaryKonzum d.o.o Sarajevo, this year marks 10 years of successful operations in BiH. On that occasion, a press conference was organized in Sarajevo yesterday to present information about the beginning and the business development of the largest retail chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I can say with a pride that we are celebrating important jubilee. The growth and the stability of BH economy are our long-term goals. When it comes to our customers, it is clear and understandable for us that they have high expectations and we are constantly striving to fulfill them. We offer security of products and benignity of buying. We have a developed system of products control, and we are proud on our availability to our customers, through a widespread network of stores“, emphasized David Dolinar, the director of the enterprise Konzum d.o.o. Sarajevo.

On the occasion of 10th anniversary of successful operating in BiH, Mr. Dolinar announced surprises for customers that will result in numerous benefits for customer. Konzum today has more than 4.500 employees, and employed 460 new ones, just in the last year.

“Values on which we base our success are quality, kindness, trust, innovation and understanding needs of our customers. There are also domestic producers and our business partners with whom we cooperate to our mutual satisfaction. Konzum cooperates with more than 700 suppliers, among which are more than 400 BH producers. Every day we are struggling to increase their number, and thus to give support to domestic producers, which means opening new workplaces, and even better offer for our customers“, emphasized Adnan Steta, executive director of Konzum.

In this year Konzum plans to place 16.00 tons of domestic fruits and vegetables, more than 2.000 tons of domestic chicken, more than 130 tons of domestic fish, more than 11.200.000 liters of domestic milk, 10.000.000 pieces of domestic pastries and more than 25 million of fresh consumable eggs.


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